10 Best

Inverter Battery

in India (2021)

 5 products reviewed and listed.

Product Highlights
This is also a tubular battery variant which is from the brand Exide and with a specification of 150 Ah. The model number of this battery is IMTT1500 with 150 AH capacity. With delivering optimum performance and long running battery backup, this comes in the third position after Amaron and Luminous.

  • Available in multicolour.
  • It is efficient in controlling electricity cuts.
  • Best for deep discharge, this has 1000 cycles at 80% dod.
  • Shock proof and perfect for homes.
  • With a warranty of 36 months, this comes with very low-maintenance cost.

Product Highlights
Luminous has been an amazingly evolved company in producing and manufacturing battery products of excellent performance. Here is another! This has been proving itself as one of the best throughout the country. With the unique alloy composition and tolerance against corrosion this has immense power to withstand power cuts of longer duration.

  • Has fast charging which lasts very long
  • Sine wave type
  • Powerup up to three tube lights, three ceiling fans and one LED television
  • Resistant towards
  • Only one demerit which is the power is not enough for the running of larger appliances.

Product Highlights
This is the fourth variant which again is of Exide. Though this company did not acquire the top, but it has successfully maintained the consistency in its position by acquiring both 3rd and 4th position. This model of Exide comes with a battery capacity of 150 Ah and with a warranty period of 36 months. This indulges itself in higher advanced technologies which makes it efficient in handling high temperature. Let us go through the notable merits and demerits that would drive you in and drive you out of purchasing the same.

  • Handy and not so expensive
  • No flame or acid ejection throughout.
  • No surface leakage and high heat tolerance.

Product Highlights
This comes at the top position due to its efficiency to be compatible with inverters of any brand. Maintenance of a battery after purchase being a major concern or many people, this battery comes with very low-maintenance, for the users. Let us go through the points of pros and cons:

  • Easy and fast at charging
  • Low-maintenance
  • Compatible with every inverter available in market
  • High heat tolerance capacity
  • Preferably you must buy newer models to prevent regular worries of checking water levels.

Product Highlights
This particular model of luminous which has name of extra charge in its model name is clearly depicting its largen than usual capacity to handle power cuts of longer duration. The model EC18036 has a battery capacity of 150 Ah and also is a tall tubular battery variant. This works with a voltage supply of 12 V and comes with a large warranty period of 3 years in total.

  • Capacity to tolerate large power fluctuations
  • Better battery backup for longer duration
  • Its sturdy body is very long running 
  • Lesser chance of internal short circuits

Factors upon which Inverters are chosen!

Inverters at home play indispensable role in rendering us with our essentials even in the lack of electricity. This era has become quite a digital one, where every other thing comes with a rechargeable attribute. In order to recharge a given thing, we require electricity. IN the absence of an electric supply, we got to have a backup which would charge our electronics and devices. Inverters and the batteries are the best in these role dispersals. Let us go through the top 10 best known inverter batteries and their pros and cons so that, you don’t get yourself tricked while purchasing one for your place.

Factors upon which Inverters are chosen!

Inverters are the essential parts of our lives that keeps our life at the regular pace. Today, when things ranging from laptops, phones, earphones and every other convenience depend on electricity, it becomes quite essential to remain sufficed with electricity backup. Hence here are we listing some of the factors that should be deciding your choice of inverter battery.

Basically, to have a foundation knowledge about the inverter batteries, we have two types of batteries with us.

  • Tubular Plated Inverter battery

These are the ones that are the best in case of low maintenance. These are the ones that require the least maintenance and are corrosion resistance and long lasting. All these qualities are the ones which are desired to be present in a battery while purchasing for homely usage.

  • Flat Plated inverter battery

Though this variance has all such qualities which are pertained in tall tubular ones, these batteries are the ones which are having lesser life expectancy as compared to the tubular batteries. These therefore, are slightly less known for being purchased by the customers for homely usage.

Battery Details Calculations:

Let us next know about the details regarding the battery capacity. Battery capacity is calculated using a very simple formula. And similarly, battery size can also be calculated for one’s convenience. So, here are the formulas that we require to calculate the battery details. For calculating the capacity, we have, total power multiplied by back up hours provided gives the complete battery capacity. Similarly, total load when multiplied with back up hours gives the battery size. In compliance with the more the better, we would definitely prefer a battery with greater battery capacity and amazing battery size.

Details about the inverter batteries

  • Batteries operate well in higher ampere conditions and your battery would last longer in such conditions
  • The specifications about the battery electrolyte involves, this battery uses a proper mix of lead plates and in a diluted sulphuric acid which acts as the electrolyte.
  • You always need to be sure of the health of your battery and to check the same you should always check the water levels and in addition to it, check the internal circuit or terminal.
  • There are a few other points that would help you check the battery state, which includes, testing the battery load and placing the battery in well-ventilated area.
  • Use of water in batteries is quite essential and you can use RO, AC or rain water for the very same purpose.

One must have complete knowledge about the inverter batteries before opting for a brand. Cost efficiency, load dealing and low maintenance must always be your priority before you buying an inverter battery.